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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Ouch, that hurts!!

Professor: Why are you so late today?
Student: I slipped sir.

Professor: Well, I can't see your clothes soiled though?
Student: Amm Arr actually I slipped in the bathroom sir.

Ever used that lame excuse? If yes, then u better not going forward. I just slipped in my bathroom last night and ouch, it hurts man!!

Picture Courtesy: Boundary Bathrooms

Thank God, I was lucky to get up this morning with just a swollen elbow to tell u the tale. Even I used to laugh at these innocent accidents but hey its not that funny at all. I can imagine the agony of those poor souls whom I used to grin at on giving this excuse but now I can empathize with them (even though i still believe 80% of them were plain fake, forgive me God if I'm wrong). So coming back to my brave fall in bathroom, I'd let you take a sneak peek at one of my most private rituals, "The Friday Night Bath".

Friday night, wow.. no other time of the week is as dear to me as the lovely Friday night. I leave early from office and reach home completely relaxed and waiting for a thrilling weekend ahead (is it? always?). So I make a couple of calls before going to sleep and take a full 1 hour bath compared to my 5 min hush hush affairs every morning before office. So while I was enjoying that steaming shower yesterday with all the frothing shampoo on my head, some drops of it trickled down to my right eye. Unable to wash it down quickly, my visiblity was now limited to one eye only. As I was struggling to relieve myself from that pain, I really adored the "No More Tears Baby Shampoo" by J&J. Man, why the hell m not a baby today?

Phiss.. and the soap slipped out of my hand. What am I supposed to do then? In sane senses, I'm supposed to wash my hands/ face and then look for it rather than playing hide and seek with it. But my grey cells responded, hey lets see how brilliant u are to locate it with your limited power of sight. Use your intuition and find it. So I started my supercop search around but hey I forgot bout the concealed slipperiness of those shining bathroom tiles. And to top it all, I forgot bout my lather soaked feet.

Zapp... and the right leg slipped... the left one followed to balance it... m stil on the way to floor but adamant not to give up without a fight.. so i tried to grab on whatever was on the way but got nothing except thin air.. finally, after pushing against the bathroom door and brushing past the side wall, I finally landed on the ground in not so graceful way.

Phew, I lost but I lost after a brave fight with a reddish-blue elbow as the trophy. As I got up after a short blackout, I discovered how saintly you become after a fall. With a star studded halo above your head, you feel really good to be alive. Thank God for saving me. If I'd have landed on other side of wall with bathroom fittings, the results could've been different.

So here are some words of caution from the expert:
1) Use Non-Slip Mats on the inside of bathtubs and shower stalls.
2) Avoid using oil in tiled bathrooms.
3) Use a plastic/steel non slippery stool while applying soap to your feet and all (u know).
4) Do not use any electrical appliances like dryer etc in bathroom.

And finally, from personal experience, don't test your senses or intuition by searching for a slipped out soap (especially when you have a slippery surface beneath). Keep that thing in mind and Happy Bathing :-)

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  • At 10:37 AM, Anonymous Mehak said…

    hehehehe...Sorry for my hahahahehehe...But was imagining the whole incident while reading your post...right from how we eagerly wait for friday evening...& then the 1 hr shower :p....LOL@ the star studded halo ....lovely sat morning read Divs...

    & Take Care next time...Enjoy the weekend..& is your elbow hurting a lot??

  • At 11:20 PM, Blogger Divs said…

    Thx buddy.. elbow is much better now.. still sporting the new tattoo bravely ;-).. got a chance to meet most of the metbloggers today, though briefly.. have a great Sunday tomo!!

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